The best $39.99 I have spent in China.

– James Fallows, The Atlantic
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It is simple to setup, has low latency, and runs under OS X, Linux, and Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

– Tiny Apps Blog

“WiTopia’s personalVPN service costs $39.99 per year, and allows any user to create an encrypted tunnel that protects their data in transit over local networks.”

– Glenn Fleischman for MacWorld
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For a truly cross platform VPN solution at the right price, I like personalVPN from WiTopia.

– Matt Hartley IT Professionals Blog
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And the gold medals for beating the Chinese Firewall go to: Witopia, for securing your wireless communications.

– iRevolution Blog
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I use an SSL VPN from WiTopia.net whenever I access an untrusted network.

– Michael Horowitz – Defensive Computing for CNET news
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As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Internet censorship prevents me (and 1.3 billion Chinese people) from accessing numerous websites. For years, I’ve had to use proxy servers like Anonymouse to gain access to various websites, both at work and at home. Recently, I signed up for a personal VPN service through Witopia. Now I have access to everything!

– 2008 Olympics Blog
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i use the app in combination with my witopia $40 a year vpn connection. this way super quickly i can get an american ip address which then opens me up to some of the american sites like hulu.

– ME.DM Blog
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I paid the fee at Witopia to get their personal VPN service, and farewell old Nanny! I still can’t believe how smooth it goes, yes, it is almost like Democracy!

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Whenever you use a Wi-Fi hotspot, all of your online activities, e-mails, IMs, sites you visit, etc.– are potentially visible to anyone on that shared network. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) like WiTopia’s personalVPN software/service ($39 annually, available for Windows and Mac) will keep all the data you send and receive from hotspots or any unfamiliar network, well, private.

– Joseph Moran Datamation Blog for Internet.com

Based on long trial and error and experience, WiTopia personal VPN is the best and one of the cheapest. It works perfectly as well with Vista 64.

– Mazenville.com Blog

I spend a fair amount of time using both my MacBook and iPhone on public wifi networks and this has always nagged at me. I’ve looked at various VPN providers before but never signed up for one. I came across Witopia today while doing something completely different (playing with with Boxee). For $40 with a free PPTP VPN (for use on my iPhone) too I thought I’d give it a go. Installation was dead simple as they email you a personalised install package – a quick reboot and it was done.

– Mike Wilks’ Blog

You guys are the BEST ! As an international airline pilot, Witopia is a great tool. Skype is blocked in the United Arab Emirates, but using Witopia is a perfect work around. Pretty cool.

Thanks again. Witopia is awesome.

Charles S.

I just bought a personal VPN (what’s the correct usage? “bought a VPN?” “bought a VPN connection?”), and I’d like to let you know how happy I am with it in my first five minutes. While I’ve been mulling a VPN since reading James Fallows’s glowing review of WiTopia on his blog, China’s blocking of YouTube pushed me over the edge. Anyway, everything seems to be working well, and much faster than I’m used to. So – thanks for a fantastic service! It almost feels decadent to be able to read the BBC again…



Thanks for a great product. I’m here in China…. it really makes a difference.


Thank you! I am now sitting at a car dealership surfing on my first hot Spot with my new laptop. I was worried that I wouldn’t get personalVPN set up in time, but your fast response was outstanding – thanks!!!


WOW! thanks for the great fast and personal reply. my expectations for Tech support from invisible companies on the other end of an email is so low I’m completely blown away! normally the first reply is always ‘not our problem’ and ‘here’s a cut and paste from an issue that completely doesn’t relate to what you’ve submitted’.

John C.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you stay in business forever and liberate the expats of china from the GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA!!!!!!!!

I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny L.

I’ve been using your personalVPN for the last 6 months and its been great. I moved to a country where the sole ISP blocked voip traffic, and even when I signed up you sent me help on how to configure my network to make my phone work, and work is does! It’s kept us in touch with friends and family, saved us a fortune, and even browsing works faster than our regular ISP connection because their DNS servers are crap! I’ve told everyone I meet out here about your service and have even persuaded a bunch of them to sign up, and they’re all happy too.

So, Keep up the good work guys

Freddie S.


When I was researching a personal VPN I went as far as looking at some of the carriers as an option. I gotta say I’m really happy with my choice, you guys make this easy, they don’t. I mean within 10 minutes of purchasing I was up. Auto-provisioning? Fantastic! Really fast too. I don’t see any latency issues.

Thank you very much for the iPhone vpn too, man, that’s a deal-breaker!!!,

M. S.

Dear Witopia

I forgot to thank you- your customer service is excellent! So many companies don’t respond well, I was very impressed with your fast efficient response,

Graham B.

Thanks again for all your help, I *REALLY* appreciate the support…

You guys have always taken care of me within 30 mins of any emails I’ve ever sent. I really appreciate that…



Dear super heros of Witopia!

Thank you, thank you for a year of care-free surfing!

I work in a place where the “powers that be” feel I am unable to properly decide what to look at on the net (men’s health is blocked as well as facebook and OMG) You have made it possible for me to surf.

Be well and all the best!

A satisfied customer,

Gregory B.


Just a quick e-mail to say how delighted I am with your personalVPN service. I only signed up this morning, the setup was straightforward and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes. And your service is fast, just as fast as my normal ISP connection, and has been all day. I previously tried another service – which shall be nameless – and it was like wading through treacle! I’m glad I chose WiTopia.


Best Wishes,

Peter M.

I really enjoy your product. First year install was a little confusing, however, the delete, re-subscribe this year went pretty good.

Good work on developing a damn fine product.

John C.

Dear Witopia,

Thank you very much for your excellent support and the best investment I have ever made. Your help has enabled me to use my communications functions to the hilt. Even my SKYPE to Phonelines works perfectly through an ISP that blocks SKYPE calls in and out for”Religous and Political Purposes” !! Which roughly translated means they want their extortionate charges for international calls.

Thank You from a very satisfied customer.

Very Best Regards,

Alan T.

I just want to say that I’m impressed with your personal vpn product. I ran Shields Up from Gibson Research Corp and my laptop is totally in stealth mode. I’ve been running Shields Up since about 2004 on my other computers and this is the first time, the software came back with this message. Thanks.

Marilyn Y.


I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I’ve just purchased WiTopia’s personal VPN for my new “Mac Mini Media Centre” :). Being based in the UK there are obviously lots of treats on t’internet that are blocked to “consumers” outside your shores and I had been searching around the internet for a simple solution (one that wouldn’t be illegal/need lots of programming knowledge).

Can I just say that WiTopia Personal VPN is the best $39.99 I’ve ever spent! It’s Fan-Tastic. Installs easy on Mac OS X, works first time and it’s FAST! Much faster than any comparable things I have been using on my PC Laptop. So, THANK YOU! VERY MUCH! I shall definitely be a repeat subscriber…

Chris B.

p.s. I also like the personal feel to the website and associated blog, it made me feel confident in my purchase.

I’d just like to say thanks for the insanely quick and awesome customer service you’ve just shown.

Shad S.

Hi there,

It worked! Many thanks for your help and support. (truthfully, I should have followed your wiki advice from the beginning! I thought because I had a service set-up that this was already in place. Clearly, I was mistaken.

😉 Excellent help and support from the team, as always!

Many thanks


Thank you very much – issue resolved. The product is running smoothly and does exactly what it is advertised to do. Absolutely great customer service – I’ll be very happy to promote your product to others.

Jack S.

Installed 3 days ago, download process very slick I must say, clear instructions, held fingers crossed, and it works wonders. Many thanks!!

Jan W.


I just wanted to let you know I purchased the Witopia PersonalVPN software a couple days ago and I’m really impressed! I purchased it primarily to see how well a VoIP service, such as Skype, would perform through a VPN. Getting the PersonalVPN setup was a breeze. After the install finished, I connected to the Witopia VPN, launched Skype, and called my parents in Michigan (I’m currently in Singapore). I could hear them perfectly, and my dad said I sounded like I was right next door!

Thank you Witopia!

-Mark R.

My God, instant replies, you guys must work as hard as I do and I’m always on the go as I work for myself. Not a lot of choice in the current climate.



I bought Witopia, installed it (easy) and it is doing everything that I was looking for perfectly. Please let me know when you have the UK IP address available. I’ll be the first to sign up for it.

You guys rock!


Brilliant. I just set up this PPTP connection and it works beautifully.

Thanks! The quick and friendly support I always receive is fantastic.

Fernando G.

I’m connected. Thanks a lot once again. No wonder I’m happy with your product, guys. Count on my support and recommendation to my friends. Cheers.

A happy customer.


Worked like a charm! Thank you for your superior customer service! I always highly recommend your product and this is just one of the many reasons!



It’s unbelievable! You guys are extremely fast, 15 min for an answer ! 2 days ago I called godaddy.com for web hosting and spent 20 minutes waiting on the phone, GREAT JOB : )

Giordano L.

Thanks for the instruction. I performed the whole process over again and this time it worked perfectly. I tried HotspotVPN originally based upon a recommendation, but I found its installation process difficult to follow, and on-going usage was not automatic. Your product is superior – easier to install, automatic in its daily operation, and less expensive in the long term. Good job, and thanks for the excellent product.

Val K.


Firstly – great setup and product – It has saved my life here in Oman. Everything is going great – personal VPN is working – brilliant.



Just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy with this product. The speed has been great so far. If the service stays the same then I’m in for the long haul with annual renewal for a long time yet.



Thanks for running such a great service. I’ve tested my links when running under both types of tunnels and while I get some increased latency, my throughput numbers are equivalent to an un-tunneled connection. Great job!


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