Why should you choose WiTopia?

Our crazy low pricing.

pullquoteActually, we’re not insane. We completely realize we could charge a good bit more with all that we offer, but the aggressive price point is by design. We don’t gouge you and then hope you don’t shop around. We don’t give one customer a discount one day and then try to make it up on the next guy. We, instead, give everyone a fantastic deal up front and make our money over the long run with positive word-of-mouth as our rocket fuel.

And, don’t worry that we’re cutting corners somewhere. Actually, we’d guess one of the reasons we’re able to charge so much less, yet deliver more, is that our infrastructure is superior, and we’ve achieved economies of scale that others lack.

But, mainly, we simply have a long-term strategy versus a short term one — a strategy that ensures we keep you happy year after year and that you tell your friends and colleagues about us. Simple as that.

If competitors had our network, they’d throw theirs away.

Although subject to debate in other areas, size definitely matters in networking. The WiTopia VPN network dwarfs the others. Hundreds and hundreds of servers in over 72 cities in 44 different countries! (click here to see comparison chart) A hugely redundant and diverse mix of Internet Service Providers and routes for your data. Real-time unlimited location switching. We got the goods.

We’re not amateurs.

Some of our engineers have worked with IP networking and data security before there barely even was such a thing. Most of us were early employees at UUNET, the world’s first and largest commercial ISP — which quickly grew to carry half of the World’s Internet traffic.

pullquoteSince the early 90’s, we have designed, built, and managed Internet and data security solutions for thousands of individuals, SMBs, Multi-National Corporations, and governments – not to mention designed, built, and managed the underlying infrastructure and systems to support those solutions.

When we launched personalVPN™ in March 2005, the idea of a consumer VPN service was new and it was a bit lonely.

Today, customers in over 160 countries use WiTopia for VPN services. Many have since tried to copy us, but there is no substitute for experience. We’ve already fixed what they don’t realize will break yet.

Bottom line is that we know what we’re doing and that’s a good thing since we’re handling something as important as your data.

Fast and Easy Online Setup

After purchase, you should be up and running within 2-3 minutes.

pullquoteAlthough VPNs are complex applications, we’ve invested a great deal of time and money into developing a quick and easy online set up, a comprehensive customer portal, and really nice software that will make encrypting your data actually kinda fun. And, if you get stuck somewhere, we have live, homegrown support 24x7x365 to help.

We like life in the fast lane and know you do too.

We closely monitor our network and make certain we always have gobs of extra bandwidth, servers, and power to easily support peak customer demands. This, plus many other tricks of the trade, keeps your VPN running fast.

You can count on us. Well, at least 99.99% of the time.

To keep our “Geek-cred” intact, you connect through carrier-grade infrastructure operating in hardened secure data centers with uninterruptible diesel generator back up power. This, plus our powerful and scalable UNIX environment, comprehensive network monitoring and management system, and a love for what we do equals network uptime and availability of over 99.99% since launch.

We’re very much into this.

This is all we do. We’re not selling ads or unrelated services. This isn’t a side gig. Protecting your privacy and security has our full attention and is how we make our livelihood. And, we happen to enjoy it — which can make all the difference.

Homegrown 24x7x365 LIVE Support

All customers enjoy live support 365 days a year and we serve it up however you want. Want an answer now? Click on chat button in lower right corner of any page on our website. Rather send it to us now and deal with it later? Just drop us a mail to support@witopia.net and we’ll auto-generate a ticket for tracking and assign it to a support agent. Don’t want to deal with a human at all and research it yourself? Check out our comprehensive Support section with answers to most any VPN question you may have.

We’ve been around and we will be around.

There’s no polite way to say this. Have you seen all the the other VPN “companies” that have popped up? Buyer beware. Some of these outfits look a bit shaky.

When we launched all alone in March 2005, we knew we had a good idea and others would follow. Frankly, it’s not too hard to throw up some VPN servers and a website. What’s hard is running a reliable, safe, high-performing network and scaling it to thousands of servers globally. But, don’t take our word for it. Give us a try. We guarantee we will impress you and earn your business year after year.

We’re tricked out with options.


  • Full Support for openVPN SSL, L2TP/IPsec, Cisco IPsec, PPTP, and 4D Stealth™
  • Global VPN Network with IP addresses in 72 cities in 44 countries.
  • Unlimited and Instantaneous switching between all VPN servers globally.
  • Unlimited, Unthrottled bandwidth.
  • Support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10+ Mac OSX, MacOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android,Google Chromebook,HP webOS and more.
  • Free SMTP Mail Relay – ensures seamless operation of your current mail service while the VPN is connected.
  • Free Secure DNS service – for maximum security, privacy, and performance.
  • Alternate Ports and other tricks to get you around almost any block.
  • 256-bit encryption options
  • CloakBox™ VPN Router to plug your VoIP ATA, Xbox, PS3, AppleTV or other hardware into so they can utilize the VPN service.
No Ads. No Gimmicks. No BS.

We’re a pure privacy and security service provider with nothing to compromise that standard.

No Bandwidth or Data Transfer Limits


We’ll mention this again. Except in cases of abuse, like someone tries to run a phone company over a single account, we will never limit your throughput or institute “tiers” of performance. Since launch in March 2005 we have never had to limit a single customer. Using the VPN service for VoIP, Video, and audio streaming is encouraged. Enjoy!

A Passion for Privacy

Simply put, we have a vested interest in vigorously protecting your privacy and providing the most secure VPN service possible. After all, that is what you pay us to do and how we earn our livelihood. We joke around a bit sometimes but take this matter quite seriously. We have more information concerning this on the WiTopia FAQ or feel free to ask us anything at sales@witopia.net.

Try worry-free with our Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Although some have been shamed into matching our offer over the years (we’d still read their fine print if we were you) ;-), we find we’re still mostly alone in offering this. We don’t want to ever force someone to be our customer that doesn’t want to be. That’s just weird.

We will always give you a full and unconditional refund for our VPN service within 30 calendar days of purchase. The only exceptions are if you violate our Terms of Service (no gotchas there, just common sense stuff), or if you are a month-to-month subscriber. If you are a month-to month subscriber, you may still cancel at anytime and all further billing will cease.

We may inquire as to why you’re leaving us so we ensure it isn’t a quick fix or a misunderstanding, but we don’t require you to give us a reason.

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